Moosewatch Expeditions



Team 1: May 6 - 14

Access via Voyageur II, from Grand Portage, MN to Malone Bay campground, returning to Grand Portage, MN from Malone Bay campground.

Team 2: May 17 – 25

Access via Voyageur II, from Grand Portage, MN to Windigo, returning to Grand Portage, MN from Windigo.

Team 3: May 29 – June 5

Access via Isle Royale Queen, from Copper Harbor, MI to Rock Harbor, return to Copper Harbor, MI, from Rock Harbor.

Team 4: August 18 – 26

Access via Ranger III, from Houghton, MI to Mott Island, returning to Houghton, MI from Mott Island.

Moosewatch for Educators:  6 - 13 July 2017

This is a unique field experience during which you will learn research methods, backcountry navigation, and backpacking/wilderness living skills. The course will integrate aspects of earth science, botany, general ecology, and the use of literature in teaching science. For more information, please click here.



The cost of the expedition is a $450 tax-deductible donation.

The cost includes all the food you need while on Isle Royale, but does not include the cost of getting to Isle Royale.

Sign Up for An Expedition

The application to sign up for an expedition is available here. You will also need this health form.

Complete these forms and send them to:
Ken Vrana, Expedition Coordinator
Re: Moosewatch Expedition
School of For. Res. & Environmental Science
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Dr., Houghton, MI 49931


Getting to Isle Royale

The Expedition begins when you arrive to Isle Royale. How you arrive to Isle Royale depends on the Expedition for which you sign up (see above). It is your responsibility to make your own boat reservations.

For information about getting to Isle Royale

via the Voyageur, click here.
via the Queen, click here.
via the Ranger III, click here.

For the details necessary for making your own reservation are available here.

For Expeditions departing from Grand Portage, MN, the closest airports are Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and Duluth, MN.

For Expeditions departing from Houghton, MI, or Copper Harbor, MI, the closest airport is the Houghton County Airport (CMX).