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Restoring the Balance” recounts 25 years of the wolves and moose of Isle Royale: stories of trespassers killed, mates pursued, harrowing hunts, packs founded, and one remarkable alpha who built a dynasty with enough power and incest to rival any medieval royal house. Don’t miss this “breathtaking, raucous, and playful exploration” from John A. Vucetich, the lead researcher of the Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale project.

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Fortunate Wilderness, a film by George Desort

Anchored in the northwest depths of Lake Superior, Isle Royale is one of America’s last remaining wild places. Fifty-six miles of inhospitable waters isolate the island from the Michigan mainland. Explore this wilderness island with wolf biologists Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich, as they attempt to make sense of the delicate balance between wolf, moose and climate.
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The Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance by Rolf Peterson

Rolf Peterson’s “fascinating firsthand account of the relationship that exists between the wolf and the moose on the island. Illustrated with over 100 photographs, this book reveals the true nature of the mysterious and little-understood wolf, and it offers novel solutions to the conservation crisis as the wolf population faltered in the early 1980s to its lowest recorded level.”
Available from the National Park Service.

A View from the Wolf's Eye, a memoir by Candy Peterson

Candy Peterson is Rolf Peterson's wife and a partner in the research. Candy has contributed to Isle Royale research and raised a family on Isle Royale. This memoir is a recollection of 35 years of life on Isle Royale.
Available from the National Park Service.

The Wolves of Isle Royale, by L. David Mech

Mech's three-year study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale National Park. Dr. L. David Mech is a well-known and highly regarded wolf researcher. He works with the Biological Services Division, U.S. Geological Survey, and is also the author of several other books on wolves. He has studied wolves and their prey full-time since 1958, except for a four-year period when he studied radio-tracking.
Available from the National Park Service.

Wolf Ecology & Prey Relationships on Isle Royale, by Rolf Peterson

An early monograph of generalizations on the first 17 years of wolf research. It tells more than we previously had been able to tell of the island wolves and their prey and demonstrates how the work on Isle Royale was started but by no means finished.
Available online from the National Park Service.

Wolves of Minong: Their Vital Role in a Wild Community, by Durward Allen

Noted wildlife biologist Allen initially released this volume in 1979. It is essentially his study of the coexistence among wolves, moose, and other creatures on Isle Royale. In a natural occurrence, wolves crossed frozen waters to the island in the mid 1900s. The predators' self-introduction acted as a check on the burgeoning moose population, which had been slowly starving due to inadequate food sources to support their numbers.
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Winter Study: Notes from the Field, by John A. Vucetich

Every winter, scientists John Vucetich and Rolf Peterson and pilot Don Glaser conduct Winter Study. Winter Study has been conducted each year for more than 50 years. For seven week each year they follow the lives of wolves and moose living in a remote wilderness. Notes from the Field, published each year, is a daily account of the adventures and discoveries from Winter Study.
Available from the National Park Service.

Winter Study, a novel by Nevada Barr

Soon after Anna Pigeon joins the famed wolf study team of Isle Royale National Park, giant wolf prints are found, and she spies the form of a great wolf from a surveillance plane. When a female member of the team is savaged, Anna is convinced they are being stalked, and what was once a beautiful, idyllic refuge becomes a place of unnatural occurrences and danger beyond the
                                                                                                                  ordinary. Available from the National Park Service.