Moosewatch Application


Review of applications will begin on 15 January 2023 and continue until teams have filled. 
Returning volunteers will receive priority consideration throughout January 2023.

Being accepted as a participant is contingent on:

  1. Our review of your application.
  2. Space available in the expedition of your choice.


We will acknowledge receipt of your application as soon as possible.

Shortly after your application is approved we will send you more detailed information about the expeditions (e.g. detailed packing list, transportation) and information about how to pay the $450 tax-deductible donation.

Refund Policy: Full refund is possible if cancellation is more than 60 days prior to the expedition start date. No refund if cancellation is less than 30 days prior to start date. No refunds will be issued for cancellations prior between 30-60 days prior to start date unless we are able to fill the vacancy.

Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Moosewatch expedition dates for 2023 are confirmed.

Expedition #1: 13 - 21 May

     Access via Voyageur II, from Grand Portage, MN to Windigo, returning to Grand Portage, MN from Windigo.

Expedition #2: 24 May - 1 June

     Access via Voyageur II, from Grand Portage, MN to Windigo, returning to Grand Portage, MN from Windigo.

Expedition #3: 5 - 12 June

     Access via Isle Royale Queen, from Copper Harbor, MI to Rock Harbor, return to Copper Harbor, MI, from Rock Harbor.

Expedition #4: 28 July - 5 August

     Access via Ranger III, from Houghton, MI to Rock Harbor, returning to Houghton, MI from Rock Harbor.

Emergency Contacts

Introduce Yourself 

Physical Fitness

Please rate how well you think you can accomplish each of the following activities *:

EasilyModerate wellWith difficultyNot at all
Before tiring I can walk 5 miles (8 km)
Before tiring I can walk 10 miles (16 km)
I can hike 4 hours over rough terrain
I can hike 4 hours over rough terrain with a 50lb (23 kg) pack

Please indicate how frequently and intensively you participate in each of the following activities. You may also provide us with details about two other sport or fitness related activities that you regularly participate in.

Other Relevant Information (Optional)

Liability Waiver

I affirm that the confidential medical information which has been provided is accurate and complete.  I understand that failure to disclose this information could affect my own safety and those around me, and I agree to hold Michigan Technological University and the Wolf- Moose Summer Research program harmless if full disclosure of a pre-existing medical condition has not been provided.  In the event of illness or injury, consent is hereby given to Michigan Technological University and the Wolf-Moose Research program to provide or have provided to me emergency medical care, hospitalization or other treatment that may become necessary.

I understand that parts of the expedition may be physically or emotionally demanding.  I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of these risks and agree to follow all safety instructions and ask questions if I do not understand.  I also acknowledge that, despite careful precautions, there are certain inherent risks of injury in this expedition, and I accept those risks.  I assume the risk of any injury, disability, or death that result from any of the activities that I engage in arising out of or in connection with the Wolf-Moose Research program.

I release and agree to hold harmless the Wolf-Moose Research program, Michigan Technological University, its Board of Control, officers and employees from and against any and all damages, injuries, claims and causes of action arising out of my participation in this expedition or any personal or bodily injury incurred while participating in this field work except only if such claimed injury arises out of the intentional misconduct by the Wolf- Moose Research program, Michigan Technological University, its officers, agents or employees.